SportsArt's Hospitality Fitness: For many guests, the quality of your fitness center is as important as the comfort of your rooms.
There are many reasons guests will choose a hotel or resort. Fabulous service, beautiful rooms, comfortable beds, a five star restaurant or a great review from a trusted resource are a few of the more obvious features. Don't forget about your fitness center.

With todays emphasis on health and wellness, workout rituals are a part of more people's lives than ever before.

Consider SportsArt Fitness. Our equipment is built to endure anything your guests can throw at it. It's not only tough; it's beautifully designed, comfortable and provides a unique workout.

Give your guests more reasons to come back.

Give them the SportsArt Experience.
Planning your Fitness Center
Our experienced hospitality management team will provide you with a comprehensive plan to maximize your fitness centers potential. Our talented team will assist you with:

• Facility design/Room planning
• Safety Standards
• Equipment usage standards
• Fitness room accessories
• Lease and payment options

• Maintenance and repair options
• Green fitness centers
• Compliance with brand standards
• Budget-friendly options
Delivery, Installation and Service
SportsArt Fitness offers a nationwide network of certified service technicians that are trained to deliver, install and service SportsArt Fitness equipment.
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